A child-like sketched drawing of Paris, a very round head with large eyes and long stringy eyelashes.


A white woman with shoulder length hair smiling with teeth, standing in front of flower bunches and vines in the summer.
The distinctly staged look of someone who sees a mural that matches their outfit and says, “Quick, take a LinkedIn picture of me.”

If you’re here for work talk

I’m currently living and working in Brooklyn as a Product Design Director and Accessibility Specialist at Amplify Education, an Emerson Collective EdTech company. For the past 5 years, I’ve been leading a design team on an adaptive and personalized English Language and Math product for elementary aged students and their teachers, for school districts across the US. Additionally, I lead the company wide Accessibility design efforts, maintaining guides, resources, and workshops for teams. I have a fine arts background, with a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Psychology.

Personal, for a second

No portfolio site is complete without three non-design facts: I love figure drawing, RPGs, and my last name is pronounced like 'excursion' but with an 'o'. I also have a very dumb, unprofessional Instagram.

To get in touch, email me at parisosgerchian@gmail.com and feel free to download my resume.

Or double resume fun at LinkedIn.

Certifications & Awards

NN/g UX Certification
  • UX Management Specialty, 2022

  • Tech & Learning, Best of 2022, 2022

  • Tech & Learning, Best Remote & Blended Learning Tools, 2021

  • Webby Award Nominee, Websites & Mobile Sites, Education, 2021

  • Digital Promise, Research-based Design Product Certification, 2020

  • SIIA CODiE Award Finalist, Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution, 2020

Hearst Digital Media
  • SPD 51 Nominee, Digital App: Animated Content, Esquire, 2015

This Old House
  • Folio, Best Digital Edition, 2014

  • min’s Editorial & Design Awards, Winner, Digital Magazine Edition, 2014

  • Webby Award Nominee, Websites & Mobile Sites, Lifestyle, 2012

Victoria’s Secret
  • TDC2’s Certificate of Excellence in Type Design, Flirt Script®, 2014