A child-like sketched drawing of Paris, a very round head with large eyes and long stringy eyelashes.


A white woman with shoulder length hair smiling with teeth, standing in front of flower bunches and vines in the summer.

If you’re here for work talk

I'm currently dividing my time between Brooklyn and Nashville as a Product Design Director and Accessibility Specialist at Amplify Education (an Emerson Collective EdTech company). I have the privilege of leading a UX design team, focusing on the development and maintenance of interactive curriculum for our Literacy suite of products. The suite is comprised of English and Spanish language web apps, sites, and platforms designed for K–12 classrooms, serving school districts across the US. I have a fine arts background, with a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Psychology.

Personal, for a second

I love figure drawing, RPGs, and my last name is pronounced like 'excursion' but with an 'o'. I also have a very dumb, unprofessional Instagram.

To get in touch, email me at parisosgerchian@gmail.com and feel free to download my resume.

Or double resume fun at LinkedIn.

Certifications & Awards

NN/g UX Certification
  • UX Management Specialty, 2022

  • Tech & Learning, Best of 2022, 2022

  • Tech & Learning, Best Remote & Blended Learning Tools, 2021

  • Webby Award Nominee, Websites & Mobile Sites, Education, 2021

  • Digital Promise, Research-based Design Product Certification, 2020

  • SIIA CODiE Award Finalist, Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution, 2020

Hearst Digital Media
  • Webby Award Nominee, Best Individual Editorial Experience, Popular Mechanics, 2017

  • Digiday Awards, Best New Publisher, Hearst Digital Media, 2016

  • SPD 51 Nominee, Digital App: Animated Content, Esquire, 2015

This Old House
  • Folio, Best Digital Edition, 2014

  • min’s Editorial & Design Awards, Winner, Digital Magazine Edition, 2014

  • Webby Award Nominee, Websites & Mobile Sites, Lifestyle, 2012

Victoria’s Secret
  • TDC2’s Certificate of Excellence in Type Design, Flirt Script®, 2014